Terms and Conditions

Your Rental includes:

  • Unlimited Km (Mileage )
  • 24 Hours Road Assitance
  • Local Tax
  • V.A.T

Not included the price:

  • Insurance:

    • Third Party Liability
    • Collision Damage Waiver
    • Theft Protection
  • Your Rental excludes :

    • One way rental
    • Traffic Fines
    • Parking charges and Toll Fees
    • Out of Hours
    • Early return unused days Fees
    • Baby & Child seats
    • Booster seat
    • GPS

Driver age :

  • Minimum 21 for sedans 25 for the minibus. Driving Licence has to be Latin Alphabet.( international driving license )if driving license normal (Chinese-Russian-Arabic-Greek ) insurance does not accept.


  • Renter will pay all bill while picking up the car. The driver has to Show passport- Main Driver name on valid national or international Driving Licence - Main Driver name on Credit Card (master / Visa 200 euro funds on it to block a security deposit )

Additional drivers:

  • Must be registered at the start of the rental Agreement, otherwise, your rental insurance becomes void.

Fuel Policy:

  • Fuel is not included the price. You can return the car with the same level Fuel. If you want a car full with payment return it Empty. No refund for unused Fuel.

Flight information:

  • Flight numbers and times are the customer’s responsibility. These allow our staff to be ready for your arrival on time.

Late Hour Fee:

  • After Hours delivery and pickup(between 5:00 pm to 8:00 Am) are subject to a 5 euro.

Late returns:

  • Renter Every Late Hour 1/3 daily price will pay. if rent exceeds 3 hours then pays the extra 1-day price.

Early or late Return:

  • sShould be notified to us at least 3 Hours before. (call or Sms) 0090 532 617 0564 whatsapp- Messenger

One way car rental Turkey :

  • Delivery or Return Different cities/airports can be. Renter has to pay extra cost.

Long term Car rentals:

  • Business rental can be 1 week to 3 Years. You can contact us. Different pricing available for long term car hire.

Right to refuse:

  • Mys just Ltd.Sti does not make a refund of some paid when your reservation in any of following circumstances Mys just Ltd.Sti reserves the right to reject car reservation to Any renter. Mys just Ltd.Sti believes that renter is not fit to drive or fails to meet the required conditions in cases. The contract between the renter and Mys just Ltd.Sti is immediately canceled. (- low age - Drunk Person - main driver’s name change on the reservation, -main driver name is not on visa /master credit card. 200EUR security funds on Credit Card. If Rental dates change for less days while pickup the car)

Partial prepayment or Full prepayment cancellation policy:

  • Renter, Valid for early car hire reservation made on Rental reservation Cancellation must be done 7days before to the start of your rental. Please E-mail us. Mys just Ltd.Sti. don’t accept cancellation by phone.
    • If the renter cancels the reservation for more than 7 days: renter will be refunded without V.A.T(%18) + Bank Commission
    • If the renter cancels the Full prepayment payment reservation for less than 7 days: renter will be refunded without 50 euro.
    • If renters Partial prepayment payment is less then 30 euro, no refund will be made for your car hire reservations.
    • non-payment reservations: if the renter does not want to pick up the car: renter has to pay Daily rate and park ticket Money.
    • Cancellations less than 48 hours: incur a non-refundable maximum amount of 50 Euro* (or equivalent currency). Due to the currency exchange rate used by your bank, this amount may be slightly higher or lower.
    • No Refund is made for a No Show or failure to produce the correct documentation ( international driving license/s, credit card, Date and Hour change, etc.).

Mys just Ltd. Sti does not make a refund of some paid when your reservation in any of the following circumstances:

  • 1. Low Age
  • 2. Drunk person
  • 3. Rental car dates changed for fewer days.
  • 4. Previously listed in blacklisted on car hire companies.
  • 5. If the renter is unable to Show an international driving license.
  • 6. If Renter is unable to provide a credit card in driver's name, or there are not enough funds on it to block a 200 euro security deposit.
  • 7. If the renter does not comes reservation date and time.


  • In case of an accident call police do not move the car, Every Accident or Damages: Renter has to take Traffic Accident report and alcohol report from Police (call 154) or Jandarma(call 156). Also, Contact us immediately then we can help you 0090 532 617 05 64
  • Event of an accident the nearest police station must be informed and accident and alcohol report obtained. Without this report, the renter is responsible for the full amount of the reapers.
  • If there is damage in the Hotel, parking area or parking in front of house etc..Take photo and go nearest police station and want a Damage report.
  • Third party Liability, Property or other car damages per accident in legal limits
  • Personal Accident İnsurance: Protect All passengers, Bodily injuries per accident in legal limits
  • Collision Damage Waiver: Covers accidental damages to the rental car in legal limits
  • Theft Protection: You have to bring the car key. Don't leave the car key on it or don’t give car key to a person whose name not written on the rental agreement. Otherwise, insurance becomes void.
  • Headlights Tyres Windscreen insurance: Kasko does not cover to first 200 EUR Small Damages. Key lost, Tyre punctures and Police do not write a report for small scratch or dent. Every damage renter has to pay 200EUR.
  • Insurance also does not cover the damages due to the misuse of the car and damages caused by gross negligence.
  • İnsurance does not cover damage to only window, mirrors, tires, roof, undercarriage, interior cleanliness..if renter filled up the car with wrong type fuel or renter, Electronic devices must not be forgotten open. Radio,İnterior lights or headlights: This finishes the car battery. Damage to the engine - clutch - manual or automatic gearbox breakdown as a result of improper use. Loose Car’s equipment key –paper-plate- driving burst tires. .All mechanical and other payments belong to the renter.
  • If the renter has behaved recklessly or negligently, careless actions. renter driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and the ıf renter will be %100 guilty on the accident report. Renter has to pay all damage cost.
  • Any accident if the renter is % 100 right on traffic report and (0) alcohol report: Renter has not to pay any money.